74-324 Exam Cram notes available for purchase

Because every little bit of information helps you pass those Microsoft Certification exams, I am happy to announce that the training notes from my recent 74-324 Administering Office 365 for SMB Exam Cram sessions are now available for purchase.
In the download you will find:
– 4 x PowerPoint presentations covering each session
– 1 x OneNote 2007 course notes
You will need PowerPoint 2007 and OneNote 2007 or better to view these files.
The material contains over 60 exam questions and answers to help you prepare for the test as well as explanations and other links on Office 365.
You can purchase this product directly from:
or from the CIAOPS Publications page:
Remember, these notes are aimed at helping you pass the current 74-324 exam. Here are some testimonials:
“I sat the exam last night and passed. Roberts Exam cram and links helped tremendously.” – Doug Wilson
“I just passed the O365 exam, I highly recommend that if you are thinking of taking the exam to review all questions in the OneNote that was provided by Robert at the cram exam session and you’ll be guaranteed a high pass” – Gregg Mimmo
“I found the Exam Cram training with Robert, further study of his course notes and url references in the notes to be excellent.” – Darren Webb
“Passed 74-324 today thanks to Rob’s detailed notes and my brain, but mainly Roberts notes. I use O365 everyday and have done since its release but i still got a lot out of the training” – Damian Wiseman
“Robert’s focus on the things you need to know coupled with extensive relevant reference points are a sure formula for success.” – Boris Britbart
As always current subscribers to my SharePoint and Office 365 Guide receive these free as part of their subscription.

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