Feedback from Office 365 bootcamps

Sydney and Melbourne Office 365 bootcamps are now complete and I would just to thank all who attended and provided feedback on the event. It all helps me improve what is offered. I will also note that I am scheduling another Office 365 bootcamp in Brisbane on Friday the 26th of October and the registration site for that will be available very soon.


In the meantime here is some of the reviews from the Sydney and Melbourne event:


“There was so much valuable information made available, from this one day of training, that it will take me weeks to work through and assimilate it. I now know, that I have but brushed the surface, on what is available in the Microsoft online offering. The course notes alone, is worth the price of admission (many times over).”

“I had the pleasure yesterday of attending Robert Cranes Office365 Bootcamp in Sydney. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to know the ins and outs of what’s down the track. Robert provided a wealth of information and knowledge in probably the best presentation I have ever attended. Having not seen or touched Office 365 prior to the Bootcamp I am now quite confident I have the skills to be able to offer this as an option to my clients and if I do run into a problem I have a great reference in the course notes to solve almost any problem should it arrive. Highly recommended” 

“Great heads up on how to look at building business solutions with real world ideas, not just marketing hype.”

“Robert is a very knowledgeable in the Office 365 area and the man we turn to for help when we have issues.”

“Great value as always.”

“So much information.”

“Very comprehensive”

“Very informative”

“The knowledge I gained at the bootcamp will help me make a more informed decision when I make recommendations to my clients Robert has provided a look into how Office 365 can be used, setup and administered. The level of detail, with URLs, Videos, documents is truly amazing. I’m sure it will take many days to work through just some of the support notes/material.”



Look for for upcoming advanced Office 365 bootcamps and new SharePoint training coming soon.

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