Office 365 training material

I get plenty of questions about training material for Office 365, especially the certification exams – 71-321 Deploying Office 365 and 71-323 Administrating Office 365. This is becoming more the case now that the 71-323 is part of the new Microsoft SMB competency.

There is currently not a lot out there in the market however the place to start is the recent Office 365 Jump Start range of videos. There are 18 videos in total and can all be downloaded for off site viewing. There are also some older Office 365 Jump Start videos for IT Pros that are also helpful and free again.

Microsoft has also just released some e-learning courseware for the 70-323 Administrating Office 365 exam. There is a cost for this and I can’t provide any recommendation having not used it. It would expect to see some e-learning for the 71-321 Deploying Office 365 become available soon.

Next, you have use the Microsoft Virtual Academy which currently has the following Office 365 courses:


There is also plenty of other training material on other technologies in there, all for free.

As for books well I have read the following from MVPs Loryan Strant:

Microsoft Office 365: Exchange Online Implementation and Migration

and Brett Hill

Working with Microsoft Office 365: Running Your Small Business in the Cloud

Both are not specifically aimed at content for passing exams but still offer plenty of information that will help.

Finally, there are the Office 365 Virtual Labs for IT Pros, again free from Microsoft. This will allow you to get you hands dirty in a full virtual environment. This is especially handy for the SMB types who probably don’t have the infrastructure to implement Office 365 Federation.

I’m sure as time goes on there be lots more becoming available so stay tuned.

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