Downloading is dead

It is fast becoming apparent that the concept of ‘downloading’ is a thing of the past. This video from Hungry Beast gives you the reasons why.

This set of circumstances has been reinforced by two recent services. The first is Spotify which has finally made its ways to Australia. It basically allows your to stream music directly from the Internet no matter where you are.
Not only can you access millions of tunes you can now access these on just about any device that is connected to the Internet including PC, MAC, iPhones, iPad, etc. There is even an option to store some of the music locally to take with you when you don’t have access to the Internet. Best of all you can start using the service for free! Upgrades provide more features but again access to millions of tunes for free that you don’t have to download – Brilliant!

I’ve talked before about how I have been a member of a DVD video rental library for a while now. The idea is that you pay so much per month and they keep sending you DVDs in the mail. You simply watch and return them. This model has fast become out dated and businesses like NetFlix in the US are providing streaming of movies directly to devices.

Such streaming services were unavailable to Australia until just recently. Quickflix (of which I am a member) has now released an app for idevices that allows you to stream movies and TV shows directly. The choices, I admit, are somewhat limited but they are growing rapidly. In the couple of days since I have had the service I have already watched a few movies. It is just so convenient.

At this stage I would still like to get the content from Quickflix onto my aging TV rather than on the small screen of my iPad. I know that I can do so from the iPad but what I am really after is the ability for streaming Quickflix content to be delivered to my TV via my XBox which is always connected to the TV. The good news is that service is coming soon, not soon enough if you ask me, but in the meantime I can still stream movies to my iPad, PC or MAC, so I’ll survive.

With Spotify and now Quickflix streaming we are again seeing a shift in the technology landscape. Sure you’ll need faster broadband connections and bigger download limits but I can’t see these actually getting smaller can you? I think that the concept of download limits here in Australia will disappear as it has in the US. The ability to access a service anywhere, anytime and immediately is certainly here to stay thanks to services like Spotify and Quickflix.

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