Things you hear

Here is a statement I came across from a reseller recently in reference to Office 365:

When I said “cloud” I meant cloud that works.  I have not yet used O365, I run on hosted exchange with zero problems

It illustrates to me the fact that many so called ‘IT people’ have already formed options about Office 365 without ever having used the product. I wonder on what hearsay the above person bases their opinion? I would suggest that it has probably come from a few ill-informed naysayers but interestingly that has proved to be enough to sway this individual.

I am not saying that Office 365 is perfect, far from it, but really what IT is ever perfect? However, I would contend that Office 365 does work and works very well for many many people. Importantly, Office 365 is more than hosted Exchange it is Lync, SharePoint and Office Professional Plus. Even more importantly, it offers enterprise features such as legal hold, hybrid co-existence and so on that few other providers offer. Their argument is already defunct because they are unable to compare products like for like but yet they continue to scream the failure of products at the top of their lungs. Worst of all they haven’t even taken the time to examine something they are criticising. How can their opinion hold any validity at all in those circumstances? They have criticised a product and in the same breath admitted they haven’t even used it? Am I the only one that see a massive credibility gap where?

It always amazes me how parochial so called ‘IT Professionals’ get about certain technology and not just in relation to cloud computing. Whether they be Apple “fanbois”, Linux devotees or gooey eyed Windows zealots, the common thing about all of them is that they represent a teeny tiny percentage of the technology market. However, they defend their beliefs with such fanaticism that it beggars belief sometimes. Analysis would reveal that these very zealots are afraid, they are afraid to admit they might be wrong. If what you are saying is so good why is there a need to defend it so vigorously? It should speak for itself shouldn’t it?

The more choice we have the better for it spurs competition and creates improved products. There is very little chance that a single product from a single supplier can solve everyone’s needs. So rather than deriding the competition with emotional vitriol examine the products rationally and professionally and guess what? You may even learn something about the competition that can help you. You may even find there is a business opportunity for their implementation that could, shock horror, even generate revenue! Such individuals are far more interested in being ‘right’ than running a business. They are entitled to their delusion I suppose.

Such statements unfortunately remind me that we still live in a world with small frightened technology ‘unprofessionals’ who are too scared to admit that they might not know something and more so, might be struggling with the change that is transpiring in the market place. What’s the saying? Empty vessels make the ….. 

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