Additional Security settings in Office 365

Exchange Online in Office 365 is protected by Forefront Online Protection for Exchange [FOPE] (at no extra charge mind you). In BPOS you could look at the FOPE console but couldn’t make any changes. Not the case in Office 365, where you have much more control.


To access the FOPE console login to your Office 365 console as an administrator. Select the option to Manage Exchange.


From the menu on the left hand side select Mail Control and you should see a screen similar to:




On the right hand side you will notice the following under Additional Security Settings.




You can actually click this and when you do it will open up the FOPE control panel like so:




Be very careful what you change here as you really need to know what you are doing. Selecting the wrong option can block mail for your Office 365 organization.


Apart from the configuration settings you will find some handy features like email reports. Which are pretty sweet as you can see:




FOPE is an excellent part of Office 365 that probably doesn’t get the acknowledgement it should as part of the offering. So if you are using Exchange Online with Office 365 take a look at what FOPE can provide.


The other advice I would give you when it comes to FOPE is that it REALLY works best when viewed through Internet Explorer and also without an lingering Windows Live ID around. So if you want to access FOPE, open a new Internet Explorer windows, login to the Office 365 console as an administrator and go from there.

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