In the beginning



Above you’ll see an email I recently received from Linkedin telling me that they now have 100 Million users and that I was user 737,876.


For many years after joining Linkedin I must admit that I really didn’t use it, but all that has changed of late. In many ways I think Linkedin has become the Facebook for business. Think about it, Linkedin can give you access to 100+ million people. Now who wouldn’t want that tohelp their business or career?


I am still amazed at how many people I know that don’t use. It is not that it costs anything as well as providing a place for you to create an online CV, Linkedin is now so much more than that. It is way for me to stay connected to a whole rang of business people over their career. Chances are when people move to a new position they may be looking for people with a certain skills set. Where do you think the most likely place they are going look? More and more I’ll bet it is via Linkedin.


One of the other powerful features of Linkedin is the ability to write testimonials for others. This makes recommending someone simple and easy. This also makes your profile so much more powerful when people visit because they can view all these testimonials.


Like any networking tool, you simply can’t just set it and forget it. You need to keep working it, adding information, adding activities, adding contacts, etc. The more you add the more powerful ii becomes to help grow your career and/or your business.


If you are not already using Linkedin then I suggest you get yourself across to the site and set up your profile. If you have a profile, but have neglected it, I’d suggest you get in there and update it. No matter what I suggest you start making Linkedin a central part of business networking strategy.


Have a look at my profile:


and connect up with me.

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