Public folder guidance

I was at a SharePoint seminar today and the age old issue of SharePoint vs Exchange Public folders was raised. The most common myth is that Exchange Public Folder are going away in favour of SharePoint, and the following blog post from the Exchange team confirms that:


and in there it says:


“For this reason, Microsoft will continue to support Public Folders in the next major release of Exchange Server, after Exchange 2007.  This means Public Folders will have full support for 10 years from release of the next major release of Exchange Server.”


The post then goes on to discuss the strength of both SharePoint and Public folders, which is well worth a read.


If you think Public Folder in Exchange are going then think again! It should be a matter of using the best tool for the job and with SharePoint and Exchange Public folders you have the choice.

Not just me

So it seems I wasn’t the only one that thought the new ad for Internet Explorer 8 was rank. As the article “Microsoft withdraws offending ‘puke ad’” details Microsoft has stopped promoting the ad.


In this day and age it is really hard to be funny without offending or alienating someone or something. Microsoft has not had much luck of late with its Seinfeld ads and now this, whereas Apple has been able to really milk Mac vs PC.


I wonder what Microsoft has in the wings for Windows 7? Seeing this kinda worries you a bit doesn’t it?

Sign of the times

Have a look at this “commercial” for Internet Explorer 8.

Now tell me that you think it’s an effective way of promoting the features of Microsoft’s latest browser. I understand the concept, but really I gotta say that they have missed their mark in so many ways. For one I can’t say that I like seeing someone repeatedly ‘puke’ on someone else. Secondly, you’re promoting a function of the browser that allows you to view porn at the breakfast table. Maybe I’m missing something here and that feature is in high demand, but not amongst the small population of Internet users I know at least.


I don’t know who Microsoft is using for their ad agency but there’s gotta be someone other better! Is the only feature of Internet Explorer that is better than Firefox or Safari is that it allows you to surf porn in private? I can’t see that making people switch, but hey I could way off base here.