Microsoft My Phone

Here’s something new from Microsoft:


Microsoft® My Phone mirrors information between your phone and your online account. This enables you to:

•    Backup and restore your phone’s information to a password-protected web site
•    Access and update your contacts and appointments from your web account
•    View and download photos to share with family and friends


Try it out (You’ll need a Windows Mobile device)


I found that if you are already using ActiveSync to Exchange server then you can’t sync your emails, calendar and contacts to My Phone but you can do other stuff like text messages, photos, documents, etc (just watch the data transfer charges). My Phone also currently give you 200MB free space into which you can store your information.


I think My Phone is really handy, especially for those who don’t sync to Exchange server but it would be nice if you could sync to Windows Live or SkyDrive wouldn’t it? But hey, it’s only beta software so maybe in future versions?

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