Twitter grade

Here’s another interesting Twitter site that I discovered from one of my new Twitter followers (Scott Bennett – thanks Scott). When you put your Twitter handle into Twittergrader you get something like the following:

What the hell does that mean? I’m not really sure given that I only have 19 followers. There isn’t much obvious info on the site to qualify what the grading is all about and how you go about improving your ranking if you wanted to. There are some nice search tools that help identify top cities, top users and so on but really how is this going to help your business? To do that it needs to have a lot information about how the actual grade is calculated.

I suppose it still early days for these types of sites but I can’t really understand the desire of increasing your grade just for the sake of increasing it. It is sort of like those people on Facebook with a million ‘friends’. It would seem to me that the more ‘friends’ you have on Facebook the less friends you have in the real world.

Technology for technology’s just doesn’t make sense, show me something that makes my life easier and then maybe I’ll pay attention!

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