Great cloud apps

Here are some applications available in the cloud that I have come across recently and think are pretty good.

Slide Rocket

A PowerPoint competitor. It has some really nice effects. There is a free version that does all the basics but for a fee (which I think is a little pricey) you get additional features like being able to webcast your presentation.

A great online tool that allows you to quickly and easily convert between different formats. Great when you need to quickly convert Office 2007 back to Office 2003 and you can’t access the software but it does so much more!

With this free software you can store up to 2GB of data in the cloud, encrypted with your own key. Even better for US$50 pa you can store 150GB. The iDrive software allows you to configure scheduled backups, appears as a ‘standard’ drive on your Windows machine and can even recover deleted files. Best of all it uses SSL to transfer the data and encrypts it in storage. So what’s the problem with storing data in the cloud now?


Use this site to edit your digital images. For most people this site is going to do everything they require without the need for expensive desktop software. If you pay a small annual fee you get even more features. You can even work on images sorted in places like Picasa, Flickr, etc (which I note are also in the cloud).

These are but a few but I’ve certainly added them to my list of favourites. This stuff is just better and better all the time.

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