Login errors after Trend upgrade

Recently, I did an upgrade from Trend CSM Suite for SMB 3.6 to Trend Worry Free Business  Security v5.0 on an SBS 2003 R2 Premium system using ISA 2004 as the firewall. The update went fine and no errors were encountered. That was until I received the server report logs the following day.




I got thousands of failed logins and the login process appears to be random junk as you can see above. Turns out that when you do an upgrade to the latest version of Trend, which includes a new feature called Web Reputation, you don’t get prompted for the proxy details for that component.




So previously with SBS 2003 Premium you probably had the proxy settings working under Preferences > Global Settings, problem is, with the new version of Trend you also need proxy settings for the Web Reputation and Behaviour monitoring. Once I had entered the same proxy login settings as I had for the Product updates area above I expected to see no more failed logins.


Oh how wrong I was! I now started seeing tens of thousands of failed login attempts instead of just thousands. What the hell? When I called Trend support they pointed the finger at Microsoft. Ahhhh no, the Trend update was the only thing that has been done to the server. Trend’s response? Sorry, we can’t help, have a nice day.


So after discovering some other SBS people who had the same issue I worked out (through the shared error experience) that the username and password fields for the Web Reputation proxy setting MUST BE less than 14 characters each! Yes, you read right, less than 14 characters for the login name AND the password. Anything over that and there will proxy login failures. In my case I actually had to create a new server user and remove the login domain\username and change it to simply username. The login for the product update area can remain as domain\username and be longer than 14 character but the details for the Web Reputation can’t.


Now really how can this sort of issue happen in this day and age? Clearly it does and it is us poor IT support people who are left to sort the crap out, in my case WITHOUT assistance from Trend. So if you experience the same issue, this solution worked for me and I hope it also works for you. Roll on Trend Worry Free Business Security 5.1.

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