The Vista debacle

Seems like the angst over Visa and Visa Service Pack 1 just won’t go away. Have a look at this article from the Australian and take the time to read some of the comments posted by people. Then go and read this posting from Susan Bradley which kinda illustrates that we have seen this sort of karfuffle before.


I agree that Microsoft hasn’t done a very good job getting Vista out to the market but I do think you have to take a step back and look at the reality of the situation here. Microsoft is a commercial organisation. The reason it releases new software is to make money. The sooner it gets people to buy this software the sooner it makes money. Sad, but true. If you want to run Vista and avoid potential issues, get it with a new PC that has enough grunt to run it (i.e. 2GB of RAM). If you upgrade on existing hardware or over the top of a previous version of Windows, sorry, but you are going to have problems. Sad, but true. If you think that all your old software is going to run on Vista, it ain’t. You are going to need to upgrade. Sad, but true.


Look technology is all about change. If you want to use the latest features and benefit from the latest advances then you gotta upgrade. You can’t usually retro fit airbags to a 1960’s car can you? If you want airbag protection then you gotta go and buy a new car. Sad, but true. It is important not to over look the fact that these issues aren’t solely the fault of Microsoft. Other companies that run under Windows have been slow to modify their programs to suit the changes in Vista. Why? Like Microsoft they are commercial organisations. They aren’t going to spend money on developing something until it is worth their while. They are clearly waiting until there are enough Vista systems out there before they act. Sad, but true. Does this create a viscous circle, where everyone one is waiting for some critical point at which enough Vista is shipped? Yes. Sad, but true. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a commercial world we live in. If these companies don’t make money, they go out of business and then who is going to write the applications your require? It’s all about money. Sad, but true.


Sure Microsoft could have done a better job but they are working under a number of restrains here. Are other software companies failing to do their part to make Vista compatible software? Yes. Are hardware companies failing to provide driver updates for their products because they don’t deem it commercially viable? Yes. Are people failing to appreciate that they really need to upgrade to new hardware (and software) if they want to go to Vista? Yes. And so on and so on.


Bottom line? If you want to reduce your chance of issues with Vista get new hardware and be prepared that some of your old software may not work. Is that fair? Nope. Sad but true. That that is the way with technology. So maybe it is just time to accept the fact that you are going to HAVE to move to Vista sooner or later and you are PROBABLY going to experience some issues. That’s life with technology, so just get over it so you can on with it.

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