Recreating Arcserve Database Prune job

You asked for it, well here it is. if you have blown away the Brighstor Arcserve queues then you will usually need to rereate the Arcserve database pruning job. This is a regular maintenance program that Arcserve runs that removes old records from the backup database into which Arcserve records all manner of information about each backup it runs. As you can imagine this can get pretty big after a while, so the pruning job ensures that it doesn;t consume your whole hard disk.

To recreate the pruning job :

1. Open Arcserve Brightstor Backup Manager

2. Select Quick Start | Server Admin

3. Brightstor Arcserve Backup Server Admin should now appear. Select the Database Engine tab

4. Now select Admin | Configuration from the menu

5. The Configuration window whould now appear. Check the option to Enable Database Pruning. Set any parameters that you need, the default option of 30 days is usually fine. Also select at which time you wish the prune job to run ( not when the backup is running generally ). Leave the Delete media related database records option unchecked.

6. Now check the Submit Prune Job option and press the OK button

7. Close the Brightstor Arcserve Backup Server Adim window and return to Arcserve, where you should now see you prune job

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