Managing SQL 2005 memory in SBS 2003 R2

When we install SBS 2003 Premium with SQL 2000 we normally go into the SQL Manager and manually limit the total amount of memory that SQL can use. This generally gives better performance for the whole SBS box. We certainly wish we could do this with Exchange, but alas no.

Now we have been trying to do the same on SBS 2003 Premium R2 which includes SQL 2005. No where could we find anywhere to manually limit the memory. After some research it urns out that tools to do this aren’t even installed on the server by default. What you need to do is go back into Control Panel | Add and Remove Programs, select SQL 2005 and Change. When the application launch you need to modify the installation to install the Management tools. You will be asked for the Premium Technology CD 2 to install the software. After what seems like a long time the tools will be installed and you can then run the Management tool to limit the maximum amount of memory SQL 2005 uses.

We’ll detail specific steps to limiting the memory in our next post but the first step is to install the SQL Management tools on SBS 2003 R2 Premium, which they aren’t installed by default.

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