Computer Associates (CA) licensing

Something we have always found very mysterious is the way Computer Associates (CA) license their products. Generally, it is hard to locate exactly what product may be generating an out of license error. Hopefully the following information will make it easier for people to locate.

Computer Associates (CA) licensing information is usually held in
c:\program files\ca\shared components\ca_lic
in here you’ll find a file called lic98.log. This contains a log of all the license errors. Check this log to see what products aren’t licensed.
Also in this directory you’ll find a file calicnse.exe which when run will display the products that are licensed and their license count. Prior to selecting a product listed here you are able to enter additional licenses at the bottom of the window.
The license details are held in the register at hklm\software\computerassociates\license\products. Under this key you will find a number of subkeys that designate the products ( like 31AM, 3EPP ). A list of the corresponding product code can be found at :
Under each product key should be a folder 011 and under that ( if the product is licensed ) you will find a key ( folder ) with the license code. If the product doesn’t have a license key ( folder ) under it then the product is not licensed.
To re-license the product simply delete the product key (folder) and return to the licensing options in the product ( usually under Help | About ) to re-license the product.

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