Another bad encounter with Windows Genuine Advantage

For those that don’t know, Windows Genuine Advantage is software that Microsoft installs on your machine, usually via Microsoft Update, that checks to see whether you have genuine Microsoft software installed. If you don’t then you receive all kinds of messages to rectify the problem. Alternatively, if you have legitimate Microsoft software, then you SHOULD have no problems.

Our experience is that more and more problems are being caused by Windows Genuine Advantage. Prior to this recent incident we had an issues where Genuine Advantage wouldn’t allow Microsoft Update to function. The solution was to install Genuine Advantage manually. A definite pain having to manually install Genuine Advantage on all the workstations for our client.

Just recently we had yet another problem where Genuine Advantage prevented us from doing our jobs. We wanted to install the latest Outlook patch because it really speeds up your system :

However, when we went to install it we needed to run Genuine Advantage to check our software again. With no other option we ran validation and were surprised to discover that it failed. Why? because we hadn’t as yet activated a version of Microsoft Project on the machine. So we couldn’t download the patch until we first ran Project and Activated it.

Now really, if Microsoft really wants us to install Genuine Advantage then they have gotta prevent things like this were we are totally prevent us from getting on with our work. How *@&*(@*(‘ing stupid is it to prevent us from installing a patch until we activate all Microsoft software?

Come on Microsoft, stopping making it so hard.

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