Small Business Server course starts this week

This Thursday 8th of November is the start of our 3 week Introduction to Small Business Server 2003 course to be held at Macquarie Community College.
It’s not to late to enrol if you are interested. For more information about the course following the link :
The course will give you all the information you need about Small Business Server as well as the basics of setting up a server and getting users and workstation connected.

Some more Facebook fiddling

Been looking at what else one can do with Facebook, especially say promoting this blog. Even though the address details are posted on my Facebook page it is unlikley that people will click.
Now there are plenty of “blogging” applications in Facebook but which one???? Interestingly I came across this post from Joel Olsen’s blog
Your Posts on Blog friends and real social networking features to promote them
Blog friends is a facebook app allows you to add your blog posts and see your friends posts and a whole lot more.  The coolest thing is when you add this app, add your blog you can see your recent blog entries, your friends blog entries, and even your friends friends posts up to a maximum of 20 (default of ~5).  The next layer of coolness is your ability to say what you’re interested in, so it then tries to pull in posts that you’re interested in.  So let’s say you add SharePoint to your list.  Now across your own network of friends 2-3 layers deep you’re getting the latest blog posts.  Then in your news feed you can see who clicks on what blog posts.  Powerful.  This is one of my favorite features.  People can then also comment on your blog posts right through facebook.  Power of social networking.  Just going to the app group I see that I have 37 friends who also have this app.  Wish it told me how many friends they have that use this app. 🙂

Some tips:

  • click on “more»” next to blog post titles to read the full post without leaving your profile
  • click at the foot of posts to share them with any of your facebook friends
  • visit your Home page to see which posts your friends are reading
  • keep your Interests up-to-date to get an even better service
  • By the way to add bloglines or any of the other blog apps on facebook, login go to your profile click on applications in the left hand corner.  Then click browse, search for blog.  Here’s some of what you’ll find including descriptions clipped directly from facebook.
    Live Blog is simple and easy to use blog, yet introduces powerful features like setting your mood, location, and music. Supports HTML and Youtube videos. The whole entry is displayed on your profile. Works in both the left and right sides!
    Flog lets you quickly and easily integrate your existing blog into your Facebook profile. Get more exposure for your blog and share your content with friends. Join the Flogosphere!
    HotBlog is the most awesome blog app available on facebook! It looks great in both the left and right areas of your profile, and HTML is allowed! Blog with photos, stylized text, and more in just a few clicks.
    Blog Friends Find great blog posts—sociably! Blog Friends taps your interests and social network to bring you just the blog posts that *you* want to read.
    Blog Link Put a screenshot of your blog on your profile. Perfect for Xanga, Blogspot, MySpace, or any other site. Get more visitors!
    Blog RSS Feed Reader Great way to drive traffic to your personal or corporate blog from your Facebook profile. Customise the application with your own image, description, published dates and more. Also sends emails to your friends when your blog is updated.
    Feed Friend  Subscribe to your friends’ blog feeds within Facebook. You can even display them in your profile! If you write your own blog, you can include a ‘subscribe’ link under your profile picture.
    myBlog is an application that displays the contents of your blog, using an RSS Feed, on your Facebook profile. myBlog will also send updates to all your friends whenever you add a new post.
    So I went in and added a few of these to my Facebook page just to get some idea and I must admit that I am pretty impressed! The more I look at all this Facebook stuff the more potential I see for it. Sure it needs a bit of “business-tuning” but I’m sure that ain’t far away.
    So if you’ve got a Facebook account then look me up.

    Shadowprotect on SBS video

    We have just completed our latest YouTube video. This video looks at the process of backing up using Storagecraft’s Shadowprotect. This product takes scheduled image backups of your server that allow you to qucikly and easily restore either a whol file or a whole server much quicker than traditional methods like tapes.
    Click here to view the video on YouTube. This first video looks at the process of creating Shadowprotect backups. The next video will look how to restore information from these backups.
    We recommend Shadowprotect to all clients with server machines. Shadowprotect also has a desktop edition which will take constant image backups of desktops as well. Sure a desktop machine may not be as important as a server but it still takes a long time to run up if the hard disk fails. That is why we have implemented Shadowprotect on all our internal workstations so we can get these up and running quickly in the event of a failure.
    Please let us know what you think of this video (the audio is a little poor, we know) and watch for the next one coming real soon.

    Dot Net issues

    Having issues installing DotNet updates via Windows Update? Try:

    Run cleanup tool:

    and select remove (cleanup) .NET Framework 1.1 from the dropdown list.

    Download the .Net framework 1.1 redistributable package from here

    and install it.

    Download the .Net Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1
    and install it.