Need to Know podcast–Episode 194


More news this week from the Microsoft Cloud. Plenty of things that you need to know around Microsoft 365 and Azure so we bring it to you in another all news episode.

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Need to Know Podcast–Episode 145

Just news this week, no guest. We’ll bring you up to date with the latest happenings from the Microsoft Cloud around Azure and Office 365.

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Success with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams rolls out worldwide

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Preparing for SMB Nation – Day 1

As I am still working on Australian time even though I’m here for SMB Nation in Vegas I’ve started preparing for what sessions I’ll go to over the next three days. If you haven’t been able to make it here yourself then download a copy of the event details from:


and let me know any suggestions you have. I like the look of social media stuff as well as the cloud computing topics as well. You can’t attend everything, I know, and hopefully I can find some good souls to let me know what the other sessions are like.


At this stage the only MUST ATTEND session I personally have is my SharePoint session on Saturday morning at 8am. For those who are here then it is going to held in the Capri 114/116 rooms, which hopefully I’ll get a look at today so I have a feel for the joint.


After breakfast and the keynote I think I’ll be starting my day with the session “Virtualization for the SMB World” presented by Dana Epp and Australia’s own Wayne Small who has just been re-awarded MVP status from Microsoft. Congratulations to Wayne and it nice to see him continue to receive recognition for his contributions to teh community over the years. Now that said, it doesn’t mean he might’nt cop some friendly ‘Australian’ heckling from the floor during his session, because I’m sure I’ll be coping some, so best to get in first eh?


One of the major reasons I attended SMB Nation was to network with people here and that has already started. Last night I had a great conversation with Jim McNelis from Jim’s a big Google Apps reseller and it was very interesting to hear his business model and what his plans are for the future. I’m really encouraged by the success he is having with the Google ‘cloud’ as I think much of the same model translates to the Microsoft ecosystem. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be interested in getting some Google action as well, but you play to your strengths at least at first I believe.


So how did we meet? Twitter of course! I tweeted that I was looking to meet other SMB Nation attendees for dinner and viola up popped Jim. I don’t know if I would have had the opportunity to hook up with Jim otherwise, so score an extra point for Twitter.


There will be Wi-Fi available at the conference tomorrow, so hopefully I can do some more tweeting from the floor is anyone is interested. If you haven’t hooked up with me on Twitter yet my handle is @directorcia and my page is at I am going to be interested to see what the Twitter usage is like at this conference and whether SMB resellers are using it. There are plenty of Twitter style sessions that really look worthwhile attending and I’ll report on those I attend. So if you wanna connect with me during SMB Nation try Twitter first because I’m really keen to see how well it works in something it should be well suited for. I’ll be using the hash tag #smbnation generally as well as the session code (i.e. #gs202 for my session) to help people follow the conversations around SMB Nation.


So I’ll try grab some more shut eye before the big 7am kick off this morning and stay tuned for updates from the floor.