Get-Formatdata issues when connecting to Exchange Online with PowerShell

*** Update 10 July 2020. This is a back end service issue that Microsoft is working on to resolve. See the following for more details –


To connect to Exchange Online with PowerShell you simply type a command like:


as shown above. This “should” work with Exchange Online PowerShell V2. However, as you can also see from the above screen shot this generates the following error on a number of tenants:

Import-PSSession : Data returned by the remote Get-FormatData command is not in the expected format

This therefore, prevents you from connecting to Exchange Online via PowerShell.

Interestingly, you get the same issue if you use the older method of connecting to Exchange Online via PowerShell (aka V1) to those same specific tenants. It is also independent of the device you use to connect, updates, etc. It seems to be tied to only a limited number of tenants for some reason.


The fix for now is to specify the –delegatedorganization parameter with the full user identity. When you do that, to exactly the same tenant, you can gain access as shown above without an error.

So, if you need access use:

connect-exchangeonline –delegatedorganization <tenantname>

and you should be able to gain access. The problem is that this is ok for interactive sessions but if you already have bulk automated scripted in place that don’t use this then it is painful to start changing these just to accommodate a ‘limited’ number of affected tenants.

I am chasing down some leads to try to determine a reason for this and hopefully find a resolution soon.

One thought on “Get-Formatdata issues when connecting to Exchange Online with PowerShell

  1. Great Post! Thank you! Your solution was the only one I have found that worked. Adding Serialization=Full to the connection URI still gave me the formatdata error.

    I hope your leads pan out. This sort of thing happens all too often in MS cloud services.

    I will spend the next few hours updating my automated scripts. Not ideal, but the only option. Thanks again for this post.


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