Tuesday, October 10, 2017

October Cloud Updates

Lots and lots of updates this month thanks to recent Microsoft Ignite conference. The above slides and accompanying video are what I believe are the highlights, but rest assured there are plenty more.

It was exciting to see the number of updates coming out for OneDrive and SharePoint. OneDrive really has some energy around it at the moment and is coming out with some great updates that I think are very, very positive. People everywhere seem so much more jazzed about OneDrive and with good reason. The upcoming files on demand and the ability to easily roll back multiple files are major improvements in functionality that will really resonate with the market.

On the Azure side I am super stoked about the release of Azure File Sync. Although still in preview I forsee big things for this service and expect it to rapidly mature, so stay tuned. I did more in depth blog post on Azure file sync here:

An introduction to Azure File Sync Service

I also hope to be posting more information on this soon.

All in all a very exciting time for Azure and Office 365. Tune in, get updated and start rolling out these new features.