Friday, June 9, 2017

Bye bye


Received the above from Microsoft today. Unfortunately, is going away. Damm and blast, I really liked and I put a lot of stuff up there over the years. However, I understand that Microsoft wants to consolidate entities and having less means you can focus on making the alternate better.

The other good thing is that Microsoft has provided a really option to migrate everything across to my OneDrive for Business, including all the statistics, which I was impressed with. I have completed and when you do use the migration Microsoft provides you account becomes read only, which means you can’t upload of change anything any more.

So, fear not, I have copies of the documents that were in and now it looks like I need to re-activate my Slideshare account and move everything up there.

Stay tuned for details for details of when I have moved the material across. Until then you can still access my but you won’t see any more information go there. It will now all be at: