Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Only a week until the CIAOPS August webinar

Hopefully you know about my free monthly webinar around Office 365 and the Microsoft Cloud. The next webinar is now but a week a way (on Wednesday the 17th of August at 11am Sydney time) and I’d urge you to register. You’ll find all the details here;

This month I’ll be focused on sharing with you what I believe is the most overlooked feature of Office 365. It something really simple that nearly everyone I come across either doesn’t know or realise is part of the product. If you aren’t using it now, I am certain that you will after the session. The webinar will also include news around Office 365 as well as an open Q and A session for any questions you may have about Office 365, Microsoft Cloud technologies or technology in general.

All you need to do to be part of my second monthly webinar is register at:

I look forward to having you join me next week.