Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Migrations to SharePoint Online presentation

Here’s the slides from my presentation at the July meeting of the Sydney SharePoint Users group. You can also download the file here:


The presentation covered off the recommendations, best practices and tools to use when it comes to migrating data to SharePoint Online. There is not a single solution that is best for every situation, however there are certainly enough tools and methods of easily migrating to SharePoint Online. However as an overall guide here are my recommendations:

- Use an all encompassing tool like Sharegate if you have the means.

- Bandwidth is going to most important factor when it comes to migrations. Understand the impacts it will have on the migration process.

- Things will not be identical post-migration. It’s a different environment, different way of accessing files, etc. Different doesn’t mean bad, it simply means you need to invest inmore than just moving data to get a return.