Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Six Strategies to selling Office 365

I’ve just complete a short eBook entitled “Six Strategies to Selling Office 365” and an accompanying 8 part video tutorial series for Cloud Business Blueprint members.
In eBook and videos I look at each of the strategies in details. The 6 strategies are:
1. Keep it simple
2. Start small
3. Seek a champion
4. Show the possibilities
5. Solve a problem
6. Implement search
The complete content (eBook and videos) is only available to Cloud Business Blueprint members, but if you jump on our no obligation email list by visiting Cloud Business Blueprint and sign up for the free 8 part profit training course, I’ll also send you a copy of this “Six Strategies” eBook for free.
Again, no obligation to become a full member of Cloud Business Blueprint (although I’d love you to), just sign up for your free 8 part profit course and you’ll get a free copy of this eBook emailed directly to you. Easy!