CIAOPS December Virtual Tech Meeting–Resources

Thanks to Boon Tee for his presentation at the meeting. Here is a recording of that presentation for anyone who missed it.

Here also is the list of resources mentioned in the news section:

Amazon workspaces –

Office 365 admin app –

Ingress –

Office 365 Power BI –

Office 365 message encryption –

Cloud Business Blueprint –

I hope you can join us at our next planned meeting in February. Keep an eye out for registration details here in the coming weeks.

CIAOPS Virtual Technology Meeting–December

The final CIAOPS Virtual Technology meeting 2013 will be held on Wednesday December the 4th at 4pm Sydney time. You can register for free now at:
This meeting will feature a presentation by Windows Server MVP Boon Tee focused on connecting on premise servers to Office 365. Here, in broad strokes is what Boon will be covering:
1. Integrating Office 365  into the network.

a. WS2012E R2 features
b. How it fits together
c. Using ProPlus
d. Migration

– i. From SBS
– ii. From POP3/iMAP
– iii. MigrationWiz

2. Bug check

a. Essentials only DC or integration will break.
b. Unscheduled Server Backup after reboot
c. GPO setup
d. Licensing

The meeting will the usual swag of news, information and discussion so I hope that you’ll come along and join with us for this last meeting before Christmas and let me know what you’d like to see in the coming year.
I hope to see you there.

Enable Yammer integration in Office 365

A while back Microsoft bought Yammer and since then has been working hard to integrate it into Office 365. If you have an Enterprise Office 365 plan you should now have the ability to enable this integration.

Here’s a brief outline of how to complete this integration.


Login to your Office 365 portal as an administrator. At the bottom of the second column on this page you should see Included services. Select this.


That will now display the above option to the right. Select the link – Yes, activate Yammer Enterprise for my network.


You’ll then be taken to a screen where you can select which domain you wish to activate that on from the pull down list at the top of the screen.

Then select the Activate Yammer Enterprise button below.


The configuration will now commence. As noted this process could take 1 to 30 minutes to complete.

Look out for future post of the Yammer integration with Office 365 as I think this is another HUGE opportunity with the product.

Adding additional SharePoint storage for Office 365 P plans

All SharePoint Online plans provide the ability to add additional storage. In the Small Business plans this can be a little hard to locate. Here’s a quick overview of what you need to do.


Login to your Office 365 tenant as an administrator and select Manage and purchase licenses from under the licenses heading at the bottom of the page.


Click on purchase services at the top of the page and then Add under your Small Business plan on the right under the price.


Select optional add-ons item under user license at $XX.XX


Add your storage and complete the purchase.

Now you should be able to assign additional storage to your SharePoint Online site in the Small Business plans.

Adding space is slightly different for M and E plans and I’ll cover that in an upcoming post. Also, the story is a little different for plan in Australia so beware.

Cloud Business Podcast–Episode 3 out

The Cloud Business Podcast - Opportunity in the Cloud is only a Click Away with Robert Crane and Nigel Moore

The third episode of the the Cloud Business podcast is now available for your listening pleasure. In this episode Nigel and I discuss the steps that you should be taking to optimize your business.

From emails to checklists to other tools we cover it here. You’ll find the episode and resources at:

of course you can subscribe to the podcast directly in iTunes

and Stitcher radio

Have a listen and let us know what you think. Feedback and comments are much appreciated.

Office 365 Power BI

Here’s a nice video showing the features of Power BI (Business Intelligence) for Office 365.

In essence it allows you to easily report on large data sets. There are plenty of really good examples of this already like:

No matter how small a business they can benefit from improved data analysis. Great thing is most already have the tools like Excel and Office365.

What really impressed me in the first video is the natural language queries that were performed towards the end of the video. Honestly, take a look at that and tell me that isn’t firstly really cool and really handy, especially for those no-IT type business owners.

There is so much opportunity around BI in the market and so few resellers seeming to grab it. Even down at the SMB level, BI is huge so if you are wondering how to make money as a reseller in the cloud look at getting into BI for your clients. In simple terms, BI helps customer understand their business by allowing them to quickly analyse their data. You won’t regret it I’ll bet.

Office 365 health mobile app

Microsoft has released a new app for Windows Phone (with iOS and Android versions coming soon), that allows you to monitor the health of your Office 365 tenant. You can find out more information about the release at this blog post:
and if you actually want the Windows Phone app then you can get it from:

Although the app is pretty basic at the moment I see it maturing into being so much more. What it does indicate is Microsoft’s commitment not only to mobile devices but also to the range of mobile operating systems.
if you have an Office 365 tenant download it to your device today and see what it does. Remember, I think that it is only going to improve.

Message encryption coming to Office 365

A very common request I see out there is people wanting to ensure that a person who receives an email does so securely and can’t forward it to others. That is a little tough given the way the standard email protocol was designed and implemented.
To provide an enhanced level of security with its Office 365 service Microsoft has recently announced that it will be shortly introducing email message encryption. if you want to see how it will work then check out this blog post.
The great thing about this is that you’ll be able to send encrypted mail to anyone! That is certainly going to fill a major need these days as well as make a real point of differentiation for Office 365.
We’ll have to wait until early next year until it becomes available and the good news is that E3 and E4 plans will automatically receive it. It will also be available as an option with other plans but in the long run I see it becoming part of the standard Office 365 offering for all plans.