Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Review–Targus rotating case for iPad

Full disclosure – the review unit was supplied by Mobilezap. You can find this device and others at the Mobilezap category page at:

You snap your iPad easily into the plastic holder inside the case and then you can use it on the go or at your desktop, all with this case.
What I really like about this case is the fact you can easily rotate the iPad and use it as a stand both in landscape and in portrait. It is quiet sturdy so it makes an excellent addition to any desktop environment. You can then swivel it around and use the case like a normal folio when you are on the road.

I also like the quality of the case, which is typical of Targus products. It has a nice leather feel to it on the outside and the inside is felt lined. The case has a number of ridges into which you can prop the device when you want to use it on your desktop to get just the right viewing angle along with an elastic strap to prevent the case swinging open when you are travelling.
It would have been nice if the case was a little thinner and perhaps had a locking mechanism to prevent the iPad from swivelling unexpectedly. As a business user I’d also like to see more storage locations in these types of cases. Somewhere for business cards and notepaper would be great, although this unit does a pen holder which is handy.
Overall a great unit for your iPad, high quality and suitable for the desk or out on the road.