Saturday, September 21, 2013

37 pages? Really?

Having not yet upgraded my iPad to iOS 7 (never be the first kid on your block to apply software updates is my successful philosophy), I did however have to agree to updated terms and conditions for the iTunes store when I downloaded something.

When I do I MUST agree to 37 pages! REALLY? 37 pages? Who the hell is going to read this? If I have question about these who do I ask? 37 pages? REALLY?
Now Apple isn’t the only one that does this, but man, imagine what it would be like if we all sat down and read every terms and conditions we came across? There’d be little time for anything else! Problem is, there could be something in there that isn’t good (like perhaps selling my personal details) but I’m just going to agree so I can make the message go away and get my software right?
There must be a simpler ‘plain English’ way to present these terms. No?
37 pages? REALLY?