Monday, July 22, 2013

Won’t be long one would think


Got an interesting question from someone recently that I thought I’d share in a post just to highlight what I don’t believe won’t be far away for Office 365.

If you have an (ex Hotmail) and SkyDrive account you can “attach” (really just share a link) a file from SkyDrive to an email sent from as you can see above.


Unfortunately, as you can see the above screen shot from Office 365 you don’t have the option to share from SkyDrive Pro say. That said, I don’t believe that option is far away. When you select the attachment option in Office 365 you are taken to your normal Windows Explorer file browser where you locate the file on your desktop. Of course if you are using the SkyDrive Pro client app then you could certainly 'directly’ attach any file that you have sync’ed to your desktop from SharePoint. You just can’t do it directly within the browser.

That said, the actual ‘attach’ in is really just creating a shared link to the file from SkyDrive. You aren’t really ‘attaching’ to the email you are sending per se. Sending an attachment via means that the file you ‘attach’ is now publically available via the link that is created and will remain that way unless you go back into SkyDrive and remove the permissions. In theory that link could be on sent to others or used directly in a browser to view the file without you knowing.

Even though you surrender control of any file when you attach it and send with an email anyway, it is still important to remember that ‘attaching’ via a browser in is really creating and sending a public link to that document which remains shared by default with everyone. Makes you curious how Office 365 might handle this when implementation time comes?