Friday, May 3, 2013

Office 2013 bulk deployments from Office 365

I wrote a post a while back on doing bulk deployments of Office 2013 from Office 365. since then Microsoft has released an Office Deployment Tool for Click to Run which you can find at:


Once you have downloaded and installed the tool you can run the setup executable with a number of parameters like:

C:\download>setup /?

SETUP mode [path to configuration file]

SETUP /DOWNLOAD [path to configuration file]
SETUP /CONFIGURE [path to configuration file]
SETUP /PACKAGER [path to configuration file] [output path]
/DOWNLOAD  Downloads files to create an Office15 installation source
/CONFIGURE  Adds, removes, or configures an Office15 installation
/PACKAGER  Produces an Office App-V package from an Office installation source

This allows you to download a complete copy of Office 2013 that can then be deployed across a network. Here’s an article on how to do just that:

Download click-to-run for Office 365 products by using the Office Deployment tool -

You can even go further than this by using the configuration.xml file to customize both downloads and deployments. The reference for this file is at:

Click to run configuration.xml reference -

It is great to see Microsoft making the bulk deployment of Office 2013 from Office 365 easier for IT Professionals.