Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New Office 365 bootcamp in Sydney

The latest version of Office 365 (Wave 15) is now available and there are some big changes. You’ll find not only new features and capabilities but also new plans and offerings.
If you use or resell Office 365 then this bootcamp is for you. After attending you’ll be clear on not only exactly what is available but also how to make the most from all the new features.
This bootcamp will take you beyond just Exchange, SharePoint, Lync and Office and will introduce you to new Office 365 offerings like Project Online. if you have never used Office 365 in depth before, this bootcamp is for you. If you resell Office 365 this bootcamp is for you. If you thought you knew Office 365 then this bootcamp is for you.
Sign up today at:
If you use the promotional code EARLYBIRD before April 1 you’ll receive a $50 discount off the standard entry of $299 inc. Further discounts are available to CIAOPS SharePoint and Office 365 Guide subscribers, see the latest newsletter for details.
More information and testimonials of previous bootcamps can be found at:
I hope to see you there on the day.
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