Saturday, February 2, 2013

Office 365 E1 and K1 plans changing

Some changes have just been announced for the new Office 365 E1, E2 and K1, K2 plans. The official statement is at:
But in summary:
- Office Web Apps read/write ability is being added to E1 and K1 plans
- E2 and K2 plans will get priced at E1 and K1 plans (as they are effective the same feature set now).
- E1 and E2 to merge and K1 and K2 plans to merge eventually.
Here’s the line up:

This move makes a lot of sense in my books as there was not a lot of difference between the E1 and E2 plans. It also makes more room for the M plans expected with the new release.
I’m sure there are still plenty of changes to come. Stay posted.