Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Anonymous comments now enabled on blog

I saw a comment from a blog reader on the soon to be decommissioned supportweb blog website that they didn’t like the registration options to comment on the new blog site (at blogger).


In light of that I have now enabled anonymous commenting on because I want to encourage people’s feedback but let me explain why it will initially be a bit of try it and see.


One of the major reasons for migrating my blog away from suppoprtweb was simply the amount of blog spam that it receives daily. You can see a small sampling below.




Checking and removing all that spam is a pain and a waste of time frankly. Thus, when I moved to Blogger I was afraid that the same issue would appear if I allowed anonymous comments, however it seems that Blogger has better spam protection so maybe having anonymous comments won’t generate too much spam after all.


So for the time being I have now allowed anonymous comments to encourage everyone to post feedback on my postings. However, I reserve the right, in the face of too much spam to turn it off again. I will however let you know if that occurs. Let’s hope not, so please feel free to comment away now.