Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Need to Know Podcasts–Reflection

The CIAOPS Need to Know podcasts started back on August 25th, 2010 with Susan Bradley. There are now 42 completed episodes available for download and streaming covering a variety of technology and business topics.




As you can see from the graphic above the number of downloads has grown from less than 50 per month to a peak of almost 3,000! I can only say that I never expected in my wildest dreams that I’d ever reach those sort of heights.


I take the opportunity here and now to thank every single person who has listened to even one episode of the CIAOPS Need to Know Podcast. I hope that you have received benefit for the time that you have invested I hope that you’ll keep listening going forward. Remember, if you want to hear about a certain topic or from a specific person please let me know (director@ciaops.com) and I’ll do my best to have a show on that topic.


I also take the opportunity to thank everyone who has been a guest and come on to share their thoughts and experiences with the listeners. The above numbers demonstrate how interested people are in the topics that have been covered.


I look forward to continuing the podcasts into 2013 and beyond. I am ALWAYS looking for people to come on as guests and share their information. So, if you are at all interested please get in contact with me (director@ciaops.com). All the shows are pre-recorded at a time that suits you and done via Skype. It is simply about having a chat that hopefully other can benefit from. If you feel so inclined I’d be really interested in hearing from you (director@ciaops.com).


Again, thanks to all who have made the CIAOPS Need to Know Podcasts a success and stay tuned for more episodes.