Wednesday, December 5, 2012

CIAOPS Affiliate program–SharePoint bootcamp

A while back I announced the CIAOPS Affiliate program. Making it easy for people to recommend and on sell CIAOPS products is still something that I am working hard on implementing. I am currently evaluating a number of options for my SharePoint and Office 365 Guide, however for the time being to receive an 8% commission (or 16% if you are already a Guide subscriber) you simply need to let me know who you have referred ( As soon as the sale is complete I’ll send you the commission.

One of the other products that the CIAOPS Affiliate program is available for is CIAOPS bootcamps. With a SharePoint Online Bootcamp running on the 21st of February 2013 an affiliate setup is now available. All you need to do is visit:

and sign up. For every successful referral you make you’ll receive 8% of the ticket price (around $20). If you are an existing SharePoint and Office 365 Guide subscriber please contact me ( and I’ll send you the link for the subscriber referral program where you can earn up to 16% ($40) per successful referral.

Make sure you keep an eye on the CIAOPS Affiliate page for more programs as they become available.