Monday, May 21, 2012

Getting Started with SharePoint Online for Enterprise

I have now completed another new e-Book called ‘Getting Started with SharePoint Online for Enterprises’. The cost is again only USD $1.99 and it contains over 40 pages of step by step tutorials, with screen shots, on using the SharePoint Team Site that comes with Office 365 Enterprise plans (E SKUs). This makes it a perfect document to either use if you are new to SharePoint Online or if you have customers looking to understand what SharePoint can do in Office 365.


This means you can select from two Getting Started with SharePoint Online for Office 365 eBooks:


For Enterprises (E SKUs)




For Professionals and Small Business (P SKU)


Even though SharePoint Online is very similar between the two offerings there are enough differences to make it confusing and therefore the need for two separate books in my opinion. Both cover the same information, however things such as the look and feel and what SharePoint components are available by default vary between the plans. So select the eBook that matches you plan if you want to get the most from it.


You’ll find this new e-Book along with other publications I have including:


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My next eBook project will most likely be a set of tutorial around using SharePoint Online for each plan. If you have any suggestion for what sort of information you’d like to see in an upcoming eBook on Office 365 or SharePoint Online please contact me (