Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Getting Started with SharePoint Online

As mentioned in yesterday’s blog post I have now completed a new e-Book called ‘Getting Started with SharePoint Online for Small Business’. The cost is only USD $1.99 and it contains over 40 pages of step by step tutorials, with screen shots, on using the SharePoint Team Site that comes with Office 365 Professional and Small Business (P SKU). This makes it a perfect document to either use if you are new to SharePoint Online or if you have customers looking to understand what SharePoint can do in Office 365.


You’ll find this new e-Book along with other publications I have including:


SharePoint Foundation Master Class: Search Server Express on SBS 2011 Standard


Windows SharePoint Master Class:Tutorials


Getting started with Companyweb 2010


and more at:


Make sure you check back with my online store (or this blog) real soon as the next publication I am working on is ‘Getting Started with SharePoint Online for Enterprise’.