Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Windows SharePoint Tutorials EBook

I’ve just released the second book in my Windows SharePoint Master Class Series:


Windows SharePoint Master Class:Tutorials


Windows SharePoint Master Class: Tutorials


This book is designer for those that want to take Windows SharePoint Services v 3.0 beyond the basics. Implementing things like workflows and integrating with Microsoft Office allows you to unleash so much more of the power behind SharePoint. Every chapter in this book will give your techniques you can use with SharePoint to make it work better in your business.

Apart from workflows you’ll learn how to create linking with Office products to create updating charts, the ability to take SharePoint information offline and more. Even though this book focuses on Windows SharePoint Services v3.0 the information is relevant for all versions of SharePoint and provides a quick way for readers to get up to speed with this powerful tool from Microsoft.

If you want to make the most of Windows SharePoint Services then this book is for you.


It is available for download now for only $2.99. Visit




to purchase.


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