Thursday, September 8, 2011

Windows InTune gets an update

According to:

is getting an update from October 17.


Windows InTune is Microsoft’s PC management and security solution that is run via the cloud and provided via a subscription for $11 per device per month. The new features of this update will include:

  • Software Distribution: With this release, administrators can deploy most Microsoft and third-party updates or applications to PCs nearly anywhere over the Internet.
  • Remote Tasks: IT can remotely perform the following tasks on Windows Intune managed PCs from the administration console: Full scan, Quick scan, Update Malware Definition and Restart.
  • Read-Only Access: IT pros and partners can give select administrators read-only access to the administration console so they can view PC information as needed, but not perform any configuration tasks.
  • Enhanced Reporting: Create hardware reports based on new hardware filters for common hardware characteristics. Additionally, you can now create and save report parameters to make it easy and efficient to run a report again in the future.
  • Considering that Windows InTune currently includes a Windows 7 Enterprise license the ability to now also do software distribution and remote tasks is beginning to make it a real competitor in the market.
  • The update will automatically roll out to Windows InTune users (another benefit of the cloud).


It is clear that Microsoft is keen to really start ramping this product up to match its current in house offerings yet make it available to everyone via a subscription.