Monday, April 18, 2011

CIAOPS SharePoint bootcamps almost filled

I am happy to say that my upcoming SharePoint bootcamps are almost fully booked in each location (Melbourne 19th of May, Sydney 25th & 26th of May). Being limited to a maximum of 20 attendees this does make seats a little more exclusive. I would therefore recommend that if you are considering attending that you visit the registration site at:

and register to avoid disappointment.

Remember that all attendees get a 12 month subscription to my SharePoint Operations Guide ( which gives you access to 2,000+ pages of documentation, hours of video tutorials, links, best practices and more. Apart from all meals and refreshments on the day attendees also receive a hard disk crammed with virtual machines images for training and testing, documentation and more.

As soon as you sign up you’ll get access to my SharePoint Operations Guide, so with a limited number of places left I’d suggest you register soon to avoid missing out.