Friday, December 3, 2010

I said that too!

Here’s an article about the move to Cloud computing and the challenges it presents to resellers from SMB Nation Fall 2010 (which I presented at).


I suppose that I’m one of the several (un-named presenters) that concluded:


“Many such companies currently earn much of their income deploying and maintaining hardware. Thanks to the cloud, however, that's a doomed business model, according to several conference presenters.”


My friend Karl Palachuck lays it out even more plainly:


"Ninety percent of your clients have bought their last server, and they're moving to the cloud with you or without you," he warned his audience.


and I totally agree with him, especially in light of the imminent release of Office365. A great example is that when Office365 is released it will give all businesses access to the enterprise version of SharePoint for a few dollars a month. That is a huge amount of power and functionality for no upfront cost and a small ongoing monthly amount per user.


When you combine Office365 with Windows InTune it allows the deployment of the latest version of Windows and Office to a customers desktop for a single monthly cost. It also means that as new versions become available subscribers are eligible for updates automatically. This is effectively giving even the smallest business access to the benefits of volume licensing.


You can access my presentation from SMB Nation here: (6.3MB)


but honestly if you are not looking to the benefits the cloud can provide then I suggest you take a look at this video which demonstrates how even 10 year olds understand the benefits:


This video certainly makes me feel old and I reckon I understand the benefits of the cloud, but I’d hate to think what it makes you feel if you only starting to come to terms with what the cloud offers.