Sunday, November 21, 2010

Migration by the numbers – Step 15

Step 15 (and final) in a series of posts documenting the Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 upgrade process on SBS 2008. This is based on the document:;;displayLang=en


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Step 15 - Edit the site bindings for the companyweb site




Click Start | Administrative Tools | Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.


Accept the UAC that appears.




Expand the tree under the Connections section on the left of the IIS Manager until you see SBS SharePoint under Sites and click on it.




Locate the Bindings hyperlink on the top right hand side of the screen in the Actions column. Click on Bindings.




Select the existing http item and then press Edit.




In the hostname field enter companyweb.


Press the OK button.




Click the Add button.




Change the type to https.


For the SSL certificate select remote.<domain name> where <domain name> is the name of your internet domain. (*Authors note – not shown here as I have not configured this on my test box).


Set the Port = 987.


Press OK to save settings.




(*Authors note – you should see something like shown above).


The installation process is now complete. You can use SharePoint 2010 Foundation on your SBS 2008 server.