Saturday, October 30, 2010

SharePoint Guide discount code

Even though I’ve now returned from SMBNation I’ve decided to extend the discount on my SharePoint Operations Guide ( for a little while longer. To get a 10% discount via the SMB Books site use the following details:




Checkout code = tour2010


I’ll also let you know that after some discussions I am now working on a few new products for the guide. One example will be a book on ‘5 essential SharePoint projects’. This will take you step by step through a range of SharePoint customization projects that can be applied to any SharePoint site. If you are a Guide subscriber you’ll get these for free as part of your subscription. Otherwise they’ll be a separate purchase.


Remember, if you have any questions about my SharePoint Guide or suggestions about what you would like to see please contact me ( Also the above code is only valid for a short time, so if you have been thinking about getting the guide now is the time!