Monday, September 27, 2010

For an even better SBS 7

As Chris Knight rightly points out in a comment on my recent posting on improving SBS 7 any implementation of SharePoint these days should allow the easy indexing of PDF documents.


Now from personal experience I can tell you to do PDF indexing in Windows SharePoint Services v3 is a pain but do able, but in SharePoint 2010, from what I can determine it is almost impossible for the average IT Professional (though not if you buy my SharePoint Guide). Why this process has been made so hard beats me. Why this process couldn’t be something easily configured by Microsoft an Adobe, beats me.


Given that PDF’s are so common these days, especially as Chris points out, from scanning devices, why there isn’t a simple implementation in SharePoint 2010 (especially on SBS 7) beats me. So I’m definitely adding that to the wish list and thanks to Chris for the reminder, glad someone reads what I post!