Sunday, September 26, 2010

For a better SBS 7

I’ve now submitted some suggestions of what could be done to SBS 7 to improve it before it releases. Here’s what I think is are worthwhile inclusions:


1. Automatically install the TIFF iFilter. Windows Server 2008 R2 includes the ability to add TIFF iFilter as a feature. Even though it is not enabled by default I reckon it should be simply because SharePoint Foundation 2010 is installed. Why? Well, and iFilter lets you index the content in file files for which that iFilter is designed for. Thus, an iFilter for TIFF files means they can be indexed and searched by SharePoint 2010. So many documents are scanned using the TIFF file types (e.g. faxes) and if they end up in SharePoint (which makes the most sense for them generally) you’d want them indexed? I reckon so, that’s why I recommended it.

2. Include Search Server Express 2010. This is a biggie I believe. Search Server Express 2010 is a free download from Microsoft that is built on SharePoint technology that allow you to not only index SharePoint information but information from Exchange public folders, web sites and NETWORK SHARES. This means that with Search Server 2010 installed on SBS 7 all the user information stores in shares could be index and made SEARCHABLE through SharePoint! That also includes the ability to search information within documents that have been configured with an iFilter (see point 1 above). How many businesses have an internal search server? Not many, here’s an opportunity, I believe, to give businesses functionality they really need to help them find the information in their network.

There has also been plenty of discussion around including Office Web Apps in some version of SBS, which I certainly agree with. Interestingly in my testing I am finding that I am unable to install Office Web Apps and Search Server Express 2010 together. I am still trying to resolve the issue in case I have over looked something simple and I’ll report here soon about what I find.