Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bringing the downloads in house

Most of the free E-books I’ve created over time have resided at The reasons for that are that I thought they’d get better indexed by Google and I didn’t need to commit storage from my site to saving them.


I was at a client’s recently and suggested they download a getting started with SharePoint document to follow along but it turns out that even though all my stuff is free to download you need to login to Facebook to do that. Boo, hiss….


So, in light of that fact I’ve now moved much of the material to a download page on my site which is here:


You should simply be able to click on any download listed there and get the information, much less friction. I’ll add more details about the information there over time but hopefully for the time being it is pretty obvious what each item is about. You’ll also find all the Need to Know podcasts there as well.


In future I’ll post my download on my site because you just can’t seem to trust anyone these days can you now?