Thursday, June 24, 2010

Vote for me

An interesting email arrived here at the fortress of solitude. It would seem that by some unforeseen circumstance I have been:


“recently nominated for the SMB Power 150 by one or more of your peers.”

So to the one person out there who did nominate me (thanks Mum), I guess that I should try to a least double my votes to two by throwing up the URL where you can vote. So if you are into the SMB Power 150 then feel free to vote for me (or anyone else) here:


So what does the top 150 get? According to the email, fame and fortune:


“The 150 nominees receiving the most votes will be recognized at the SMB Nation Fall Conference and in SMB PC Magazine and be profiled on a new SMB150 website.”


Well maybe a little fame I suppose.


I’ve always worked so hard to be a glorious nobody, getting onto this list would sure destroy all that hard work now wouldn’t it!