Friday, April 16, 2010

SharePoint v2 Set Configuration Database server



Been doing some recovery work on a SharePoint v2 site on SBS 2003 ( i.e. on Companyweb ). SharePoint v2 had lost the configuration database information so when you try and run the SharePoint Central Administration you are greeted with a window asking you for a database server and SQL server database.


I did know what these were but wasn’t sure of the format. Being unable to find these on Google I worked it out from my own test SBS 2003 system. Thus:


Database server = <SBS_SERVER_NAME>\<sql_sharepoint_instance_name>

typically = server\sharepoint


SQL Server database name = STS_Config


remember this is what the settings are for the default install of SharePoint v2 on SBS 2003.


Hopefully this entry will get crawled so others can find the information quicker than I did.