Wednesday, November 18, 2009

SharePoint webinar

Here’s the information on the next SharePoint webinar from the CIAOPS:


091126The basics of using SharePoint


Topics covered:

- How to upload and management documents.
- How to create and manage wikis
- How to work with lists.
- How to create sub sites

Presenter:              Robert Crane
Date:                      Thursday 26th of November 2009
Time :                    10.00am (Sydney, Australia time)
Duration:               30 minutes
Cost:                      Free
Level:                     1 (Basic)
Prerequisites:         None


This webinar will show you the basics of using a SharePoint. It will help you understand the benefits of using SharePoint to store documents and other information. You’ll also learn the basics of extending a SharePoint to include features such as wikis and sub sites.

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