Thursday, July 23, 2009

SharePoint 2010

As part of the release of Office 2010 a new version of SharePoint will be available soon. As yet I haven’t used the product and but the information that is available on the product is increasing. The expectation is that we will see a beta version of the product in October 2009 with a release in early 2010. Prior to this Microsoft has just launched a new web site to provide information about the upcoming release. – SharePoint 2010 sneak peak web site.

The site contains a number of video that give some good insight into the new release. – Overview video

Covers the design goals and inclusions of the new version but also provides a demo of SharePoint 2010 in practice including its integration with Office 2010. This will give you a good idea of what SharePoint 2010 will be like for users. It demonstrates how the new ribbon bar will work with SharePoint 2010. – IT Pro video

Covers the changes and improvements in the administration of SharePoint 2010. One of the major new improvements will be advanced reporting. This will allow you to create regular reports to display things like page load times to troubleshoot performance. The video also covers the options with migration which include an ability to easily swap between SharePoint 2007 and 2010 look and feel. – IT Developer

Covers how much easier creating code for SharePoint is going to be using tool like the new Visual Studio.

Apart from the obvious changes to the interface I will be interested to see how the new version handles some of the features that were missing or needed enabling after installation. However from what I’ve see so far in these videos it looks there is going to plenty of great new features to make SharePoint 2010 a worthwhile investment. I have a feeling that it is going work really well as a web hosted application as well.

Don’t forget that Office 2010 will also include SharePoint Workspace 2010 which is going to be a great way to take SharePoint content offline. Office 2010 applications like Excel, Word, OneNote and so on are now available for technical preview at Many of these are also going to have improved integration features with SharePoint 2010.

Subscribers to the Windows SharePoint Operations Guide will receive all the updates and guides on this new version as they become available. The Guide will also be updated with all the latest information around SharePoint 2010 when it become available. So if you are at all interested in installing, deploying or maintaining Windows SharePoint then I commend the Guide to you.